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Shadow bath, 2020   

The shapes seem to move in an intoxication of colours. Shadows underline the contours of these warm surfaces. They are plants, evocative of the sea or a strong heat. These organic forms articulate and compose the images in a harmony of nuances and are the result of a creative process that combines painting and photography. Colour creates space, and the different surfaces give thickness to the image in an encounter with light. The long and marked shadows imply time, a precise moment like a summer memory. In an evocation of sensations, one feels salt, humidity and perhaps a bit of the Mediterranean, languishing in a sun-red.


The "Shadow bath" project highlights pictorial images, created from photographed paintings. The surfaces of the image are intertwined and various textures are created by different production techniques. The physical matter of the paint and the grain of the paper contrast with the coloured touches of the digital paintings. 

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