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La Grande Motte, 2020

This project is about architecture and different forms of spaces that break the classical architectural pattern. The idea that places, dwellings; spaces lead to reverie and are on the order of utopia. It is a visual reflection on spaces and places that are "other". I started with the architectural example of La Grande Motte. This seaside town facing the Mediterranean was built by Jean Balladur in 1969 to allow the French middle class to go on holiday in an exotic and atypical place. The architecture of the town is organic, almost decorative and figurative. From the photographs I took on site, I systematically extracted from these images forms from the architecture which served as a starting point for the collages. At the same time, I created a visual atlas of archival images from various sources, which I felt would have been my sources of inspiration if I had been the city's architect. Using these archival images and the cuts made in my photographs, I reconstructed photographic models, which emphasise form and colour as an instinctive basis for architectural research.

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